PRORASO: A Modern Spin on the Old Barber

Proraso. Photo by Salvo Sportato

Florence, Italy–The barber shop is back. Grooming isn’t a bare necessity anymore.  From the rough and tumble-bikers to the Italian dandy — having a well-manicured beard or mustache is a must. The Florence-based Italian company Proraso, has been run by the Martelli family since 1908.  The latest wave of the family is set on infusing a modern twist into an almost-antiquated practice that is currently experiencing an upswing.  With their Williamsburg beards and their gnarly tattoos, they are able to shave any rocker, surfer or financier. BACO’s fashion editor Valentina Accardo sat down with Proraso’s team, at the company’s tutorial display at Pitti Uomo in Florence, in order to understand how men can achieve a more polished look when it comes to facial hair.  

What are some of the things men neglect in their daily routines? 

“Men need to reshape, condition and clean beards and take care of it with the right products like oils and creams,” Head of Marketing Stefano Lippi said.

Are any trends out there?

“Italy is varied and trends are different from north to south.  In the northern regions we have more or less long beards depending on the face shape. In the south we have seen the moustache make a comeback, especially antique styles. Abroad people ask for the real Italian shave,” Lippi added.

“I don’t see anymore goatees in the salon”, explained barber Cesare Casoni from Bassano (Vicenza). “Sideburns have been thick and long and depend on the hairstyle. Especially outside Italy, you see a lot of very square haircuts, shaved on the sides and very long on top like the 30s and the 50s style.”

Which steps should a gentleman take to care for his beard?

“I suggest the classic brush Omega from the 60s with boar hairs, softening and aromatic oils and beard detergent. A man needs a full beard reshaping every three weeks, with warm oil for restructuring the beard,”  added Casoni.
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