CERVO by Barbisio. Photo by Silio Danti

The modern gentleman cannot make it without the right accessories that define his style. He usually travels a lot, uses touch devices and wants to impress with the details, whilst staying classic and elegant. BACO’s FASHION EDITOR Valentina Accardo spotted four game-changing brands for men:

PRYMA headphones

Pryma’s luxury headphones that are outfitted with  customizable and interchangeable hand made straps and finishes. “You can create your own combination of straps colors and materials of the caps,” explained Nicolo’ Grange, marketing manager of the brand.  Pryma is a unit of the World of McIntosh and it is sold in the main luxury department stores around the world, like Colette in Paris, Excelsior in Milan, Selfridges in London, LuisaViaRoma in Florence. Pryma uses top quality Italian leather made in Veneto for the straps: everything is handmade by artisans in Vicenza with premium quality materials. Finishes are in stainless steel, rose gold and gold. Pryma crafts some headphones with fiber carbon, for a luxury version that costs 549 euro. “We’re considering bespoke and more styles for the collection, fabrics like denim and camouflage,” added Grange.

Headquarters: New York

Retail price: from 499 euro

Where to buy:




Tech and craftsmanship is a potent mix.  Merola has unfurled its line of touch gloves for aficionados who love hand made Italian goods and live a fast-paced lifestyle. The Italian family run company, based in Rome since 1885, produces the gloves in Naples.

“All the process of making gloves is made by hand,” explained Stefano Merola, co-owner of the company.  “You don’t know how the process is fragmented. Who cuts, who sew, who lines, are all different artisans and everything is done by hand.” They use top quality Italian leather as deer, lambskin and shearling. The collection is for men and women and the best part is that they have a secret process to incorporate ‘touch’ (so it works with touch devices) technology and make it waterproof. And it’s not easy to find a beautiful pair of gloves with the touch feature. “We’re very connected to the cinema and theatre world. Even Geoffrey Rush in the movie ‘The Best Offer” was wearing our gloves!”

Headquarters: Rome, factory in Naples.

Where to buy:,

Retail price: from 100 euro



Cervo by Barbisio is the youngest line of the well-known and classic company Barbisio 1862, launched just three seasons ago.

“We wanted to give our hats a different twist and a competitive price to cater to our young customers,” explained the designer Lucio Antonucci to BACO. In this collection, the brand offers more sizes and designers have infused it with more of an unfinished look. Shaping, special sprays, paints, rubbing, tears involve a manual process.  The hats are also more practical and can be squashed in the bag or in the pocket. The result is an artisanal and unique collection.”

Headquarters: Biella,

Retail price: Cervo by Barbisio less than 100 euro. Barbisio 1862 from 140 euro.

Where to buy:,,



NICKY Milano

The near-century-old Milanese tie company Nicky Milano launched a capsule collection designed by the eclectic designer Yong Bae Seok, rootedi n the Pop art and the ‘California dreaming’ style.

Coming from a strong background of top craftsmanship made in Italy, with this collection, Nicky Milano talks to the young cosmopolitan public that is looking for a casual and trendy look.

Yong was inspired by the world of skating and surfing, bringing optical geometries, strong color combination and the research of new materials to the traditional world of ties. The result is a fresh and easy collection focusing on three fundamental feautures: wool, jacquard and prints.

The ties are cut and sewed by hand in the Milanese studio of the company, using silk, cashmere, wool and cotton.

Retail price: from 95 to 120 euro.

Where to buy:


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