About BACO

BACO is an Italy-based online magazine and scouting showcase dedicated to fashion’s artisans and rising stars who represent the best in luxury craftsmanship.

In an age where vanguard luxury brands face ubiquity, we are dedicated to providing you with sophisticated editorial content on  exclusive labels found through our private network of industry contacts, off-catwalk shows and presentations and extensive research.

The BACO team believes that a true luxury product is not only made at the hand of an artisan, but is also a unique creation born through the consumer’s vision and the craftsman’s expertise.

Our name and logo is derived from the Italian term for silk moth. Similar to the baco da seta, whose cocoons have journeyed from the Orient to Europe for eons, our magazine’s journey begins in Italy and traces that influence across the globe.

Italy is our hub, because it is here that legions of men and women are carrying on generations-strong family traditions that continue to inspire fashion consumers and designers globally with their passion.

We hope that this site will inspire you to shop in a more sustainable way by making more selective, lifetime purchases and most of all, understand WHO is making your fashion.