Simone Rainer: Fashion’s Petrologist

MILAN–A summer party on the volcanic sand of Stromboli, an alchemical reaction between two noble metals and an iridescent supernova are just a few phenomena that have inspired 29-year-old Simone Rainer in designing his collections. At first blush, one might think that Rainer is a petrologist.

His use of glass beads, 8-karat gold and lava-looking acid treatments on calf leather amp his brand into a new dimension. The origami-like engineering of his pouches and his logo inspired by Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ lend a sense of symmetry and proportional perfection.

After working for Marc Jacobs and Jil Sander, Ranier decided to make it on his own. Since his spring summer 2012 solo debut, his brand, famous for its modern, metallic and volcanic finishes, has been featured in Vogue Italia and Vanity Fair Italy.

Hand crafted in the Tuscan town of Scandicci, Rainer declares that his handbags are made just as well as any other big ticket luxury label such as Hermes or Gucci.

“The artisans who make the bags are the difference. When you see the woman who sews and the craftsman that fastens the handles, you realize that the brand is warmed by many hands,” Ranier told BACO.

–Sofia Celeste

WHO: Simone Rainer
WHAT THEY MAKE: Bags, Made-to-Order upon request
WHERE THEY ARE SOLD:  Temporary store, Galleria in Palazzo di Brescia

HOW MUCH: Average retail price EUR600



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