The Architectural Spirit of Aeleonore


Florence, Italy- Known as the home of the Renaissance, Florence has been an epicenter of creation since medieval times, and it is here that Eleonora Sassoli studied architecture and became fascinated with design. With a background of history of arts and architecture, her creative drive takes inspiration from the past and transforms them into modern-day applications for architecture. In 2015, she and entrepreneur Stefano Niccoli created a fashion leather goods and accessories brand, AELEONORE. Eleonora installed her passion for history, design and art at the core of the brand, from the tradition of Florentine arabesque applied as graphics on scarves to architectural references in the shapes. With every bag, she connects with the past and transforms these interpretations into something contemporary that communicates with an ability that (according to Eleonora) can only be described as empathy, such like that which is shared between women.


It is not the choice of the accessory to define style, but rather the skill of knowing how to combine it. This is the reason why the brand AELEONORE makes a system of ideas available, because fashion is a real way to communicate.


The brand itself was founded in an ancient palace on Via Monalda 5, where Sassoli and Niccoli entertain private clients who hail from all over the world.  The space, incorporates Renaissance architecture with modern design – many of the pieces were designed by Sassoli herself.  “The architecture of Florence is a true inspiration of the brand and everything about the space really ties into our brand ethos,” Sassoli said in an interview with BACO.

AELEONORE identifies itself as a contemporary dialogue between ancient mystery, history and creative drive. All the materials used come from the Tuscan territory, with the highest standards of Tuscan craftsmanship and territorial traceability.

WHERE TO BUY: Online shopping here
PRICE: 195 to 1.380 EUR

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