BACO STYLE: Corrada Rodriguez D’Acri’s Sicilia

Corrada restores her family's home, once lived in by her great great grandfather, by hand.
Corrada restores her family's home, once lived in by her great great grandfather, by hand.

MILAN–If Corrada Rodriguez d’Acri had been born into the pre-Unification days that Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa so vividly illustrated in his novel “The Leopard,” she definitely would have been waltzing under the Prince of Salina’s gilded ceiling. In the 21st century, however, she spends her holidays rolling her sleeves up, in a family-effort to preserve their 18th century home and to perpetuate their wine and oil business. 

Corrada is the creative force behind the made-to-order blazer label Blaze’ that she runs with two friends: Delfina Pinardi and Sole Torlonia.

Her career trajectory took off in Milan, where she got her start as a stylist for glossies such as Italian Elle. Her Sicilian roots and its Greek and Baroque landmarks and decor, however, have been crucial to her artistic approach.

“Baroque can be quite heavy, but if you have a good sense of visual composition, and you know where you need to position things and balance,” Corrada said, noting she took course in Fine Art, an education that aids her in restoring the home once lived in by her great grandfather. Even though she grew up in Rome and now lives in Milan, their Sicilian home, which is situated in a small town outside of Messina, represents real family time for her and her four siblings.

“My Sicilian side is not in my clothes or how I dress, but I do like small jewelry, charms and necklaces with saints like the Madonna and Jesus on the cross. Sicilians are very connected to symbols.”

BACO’s Editor in Chief chats with Corrada about personal style: 

Occupation: Designer, Entrepreneur

Age: 34

Personal Style: “Masculine but deep down on the inside I like a good dose of girly femininity.”

Always: Blazers

Never: “I would never wear gym clothes unless for sports and activities”


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