Eight Ways to Get The Pitti Uomo Look

Florence, Italy–Our team is in the cradle of the Renaissance scouting the best in artisanal-quality products and mens fashions at premier trade fair Pitti Uomo. The best part of Pitti is the street fashions and the “peacock” parade of dandies. BACOLuxury has collected some tips on how to get the look:

1. The jacket is an important element. It is all about classic jackets with particular fitting and blazers that differ in terms of dimensions, that range from very short to long.
Maria Giovanna Paone, Vice President, Italy-based Kiton

2. Vests draped over the jacket or inside. Anything goes in terms of scarves – from silk foulards to winter-style blankets.
Katsuaki Tanimoto, 40, of Japan’s retail merchandise Cascade Corp.

3. Pants and a nice shirt, vest with a hooded jacket, to casualize everything else. Elegant shoes… always.
Silio Danti, Florence-based photographer.

4. I recommend some sunglasses. I really like Cutler and Gross. They are handmade and wear really well.
Stefan Furenbrink, 39, of London-based Richard James Bespoke

5. Pocket squares used to be used as something you dry your forehead with. Your pocket square HAS to be untidy. Perfect is just so tacky.
Marco Kinloch Herbertson, 28, Creative Director of Como-based silk scarf maker Kinloch

7. Pegged, folded cuff, slim-fit pants.

8.  You have to have a beard.
Johane Collet, 27, designer of French shoe brand Jour Ferie’


–By Sofia Celeste and Bonnie Dain 



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