EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Schield’s Grotesque Genius


MILAN–Somewhere between an autopsy and a Renoir, lies Schield’s latest collection. Crystal-studded teeth in the guise of romantic flower buds and dismembered golden vertebrae shaped into elaborate chokers are just a few of the memorable pieces that make up Diego Diaz Marin and Roberto Ferlito’s fall winter 2015/16 collection.  When I met them at Pitti’s Super trade show in September 2014, they were fresh on the scene and blew the fashion world’s mind with their rings dripping with enticing emerald mucus and contorted legs dangling from necklaces.

At only the dawn of their career, the Schield duo has been featured in Vogue Italia – most recently for their collaboration with prints maven Mary Katrantzou. BACO’s Editor-in-Chief Sofia Celeste chatted with Diego Diaz Marin who shared exclusive photos of Schield’s upcoming collection — a bouquet of teeth, cyborgs (a theoretical or fictional being with both organic and biomechatronic parts), bones and flowers. 

BACO: What made you chose avant garde subjects? Nostrils and naked bodies?
DDM: It is something  very spontaneous, every season it changes.
It depends on our state of mind and what inspires us every season.
For example in this new collection we are inspired by a cyborg world full of flowers.
BACO: What materials do you use? Where are the products made?
DDM: We use Swarovski Elements Crystals ,  metal, 1 micron plated gold, and Swarovski Elements Pearls.
All our products are made in Italy and our design offices are in Florence.
BACO: Tell us a little more about the artisans that craft the collection.
DDM: Our Jewelry pieces are made all in Italy, in a small town called Forli, which is famous for their goldsmiths and artisans. Is a long process made by hand with our sculptors. The jewels are designed, sculpted and finished as if they were high-end jewelry products.
BACO: Where are most of your customers based?
DDM: In Asia
BACO: How did you and Roberto meet?
DDM: We meet in Florence while I was studying abroad many years ago.
BACO: What are some of the challenges of being a small brand?
DDM: The best thing of being a new brand is FREEDOM OF CREATION! We love it!

–Sofia Celeste


WHO: Diego Diaz Marin and Roberto Ferlito

HEADQUARTERS: Florence, Italy


WHERE TO BUY: www.schield.it


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