Piccione Piccione

Piccione Piccione

ROME–Since graduating from the European Institute of Design in 2008 Salvatore Piccione’s career and collections have set off on an incredible trajectory. His new collection shown was simply breathtaking.

Piccione’s goal is “not to change the woman, but to improve her, make her recognisable, beautiful and intriuging. His love of graphics shone through in this effortlessly chic collection full of stunningly embellished details placed on top of art deco prints in pop art colours. The contrast between the mostly delicate silks and the heavy beading was jaw dropping in that it was so obviously meticulously planned and placed and yet nothing looked forced.

The wearability of the collection shows wisdom far beyond Piccione’s years as not only was every piece a walking work of art, but high-end stores such as the renowned Harvey Nichols are sure to keep snapping him up.

–Victoria Wyatt



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