Quattromani’s Pom-Pom Squad

ROME–Quattromani, a finalist of the ninth edition of Vogue Italia and Altaroma’s scouting project “Who Is On Next?” looked to 1970’s knitwear references in envisaging the building blocks of its fall winter 2015/16 colleciton. Design Duo Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau tapped visual artist La Fille Bertha to create a cartoon pattern featuring little Janas, a motif that infused the collection with a fairytale feel. Short wide leg pants, pompom ball sweaters and hot pants filled the winter collection with a sense of nonchalance, while vintage prints mixed with 1990’s style faux fur seemed like they had been plucked from a consignment store in Los Angeles’ Melrose district.  The collection was punctuated with accessories that were dominated by a red color palette and raven-black varnished mosaic patterns on tote bags and mini-variations.


–Bonnie Dain and Sofia Celeste

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