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Twin sisters Ludovica and Ginevra Fagioli started their brand Caftanii Firenze as a summer brand.  In winter, they target consumers in perennially warm climates like Dubai, Singapore and the Pacific Rim.  A cool  Northern African, Tuscan “al mare” style breathes an elegance that tops many other high ticket lifestyle brands that reflect the resort culture.

Ludovica and Ginevra, the sisters behind Caftani Twins

Ludovica and Ginevra, the sisters behind Caftani Twins. Photo courtesy of Caftanii Firenze.

BACO’s Editor in Chief Sofia Celeste sat down with the 30 year-old Fagioli sisters to discuss what’s new: 

SC: Why are you stronger with summer clothes? Resort in other words. 

CF: Well, because it’s born out of inspiration from Caftan that has Moroccan origins.  All of our garments are really linked to a warm season. It doesn’t, however, limit the way we work silk and to work it year long. Yet it’s the main way we dress the summer because, in our opinion, one can go out morning to night during summertime in just one garment.

SC: What do you suggest for warm nights? 

CF: Caftan, long or short, slippers, a beautiful bag and some accessories, it’s perfect. It will carry you from morning to a seaside dinner.  For us, it’s a way of life to always be elegant and feminine during summer, and this is the reason also for which it’s developed for summer, the Caftan was born for the heat.

SC: So, what do you propose for winter 2018? 

CF: For winter, we always propose soft silhouettes for coats, vests, also for one pieces, suits, — each piece is very elaborated. It’s a collection in the form of a capsule, not a main.

SC: So, you’re both from Florence, how is it that you have this passion for seaside resort wear? 

CF: We’ve always traveled a lot with our family and of course when you live in Europe and you travel, it’s probably easier to go to warm places so, South America, North Africa, South Africa. So, for sure with our Caftan project and our collections come from the many trips we’ve made and it’s all linked to our experiences, to familiar things. When you travel and need to make your suitcase, you pack things that can be useful for many occasions, so this relation, this versatility of the Caftans, makes them a garment that’s always perfect for the suitcase and for trips.

SC: Tell me about how the collection is made, who makes it? 

CF: We always design the collection together, because we’re twins and the inspiration can come from one or the other, and growing up together and having lived the same experiences.  We’re both fascinated by the same tones, colors and shapes. It’s a project that’s born from a same experience and story. Ludovica is handier, so she draws, while I (Ginevra) have a passion for fabrics. I remember our mother used to take us to fabric shops, so it’s a family passion. The ideas are born together, then I take up on the fabrics and she draws. But it’s born together (just like twins).

SC: But, is it all artisanal and sustainable? 

CF: Yes, the linens and cotton are 100% certified bio. The fabrics are all 100% pure — 100% silk, 100% cotton, 100% linen, all Italian and from the best suppliers. Italian, because in Italy we have a premium quality.

SC: What about your dyes? Amazing colors are those eco dyes?

CF: In fact no, but we usually use mostly neutral tones, so white, natural linen. We are always looking for suppliers who employ sustainable dyeing methods.

SC: What’s your price-point? 

CF: Retail, the summer collection is between 450-900 euro for the long and elaborated dresses. For winter, obviously the fabrics cost a bit more and require more work, we go from 600-2200 euro.

With Caftani Firenze women are ready to live the warm weather in style.

With Caftanii Firenze women are ready to live the warm weather in style.


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