By Aarushi Saxena

Stemming from a conglomerate of childhood inspiration, a true passion for fashion and the desire to create something unique, Valentina Accardo (our very own fashion editor) has launched her own label Indomito. With a contemporary take on the classic, evergreen, denim jeans, she’s found a way to personalise these commercial must-haves.

Indomito is sartorial, artisanal, high-quality luxury in the form of customised made-to-order jeans. Her vision borrows from two indisputable leaders in the current fashion climate: slow fashion and Made-In-Italy. 

Speaking to Valentina about the story behind Indomito and what we can expect from her designs, it is very evident that this is a dream come true for her.

With a wide smile and ample confidence she says, “I am like a jeans expert, all my friends say so. Before I used to customise jeans, now I’m designing and creating them.”

A: I’m curious, Why the name Indomito?

V: As a child I was constantly exposed to military uniforms as my father was an admiral in the navy. The strong form and structure of clothing, the navy blue hues and the ‘indomitable’ nature of those uniforms has always stuck with me. Also, my father spent 3 years on a ship called Indomito. When I designed my first pair of jeans, the style very much reminded me of those clean rigid lines and the name seemed liked a perfect match. 

A: Your jeans are made-to-order and customisable, but what makes them unique?

V: There are so many styles out there, especially those that claim to be the ‘perfect fit for your body. My jeans are designed with a unique shape, a slim flare, not too compressed and a little rigid with clean lines to give form and structure. They are 100% cotton denim and Made-In-Italy.

I wanted to create a ‘desk to dusk’ look for women between 30 – 40 years, who lead busy lifestyles and want fashion that is chic but comfortable. The jeans can easily be worn with a blazer and loafers but also heels for a more glamorous look. I’m a mom with 2 kids, I’m always busy and I never stop – I know after a certain age, changes take place in the body and figure flattering shapes may not necessarily mean figure-hugging anymore.

A: If a customer asked you ‘Who made my clothes?’…

V: They are designed by me but handmade by tailors I chose between Rome & my town Parma.

A: There’s a very strong touch of you in the jeans, but in what way can customers personalise them?

V: Yes, the dark navy blue and the red embroidered initials on the pocket are me (my father’s matrix on his uniform was hand-sewn in red thread as well). But customers can choose the colour of their embroidery thread, whether or not they want back pockets and a little secret only they’ll know – the pattern of the pocket linings (checks, polka dots, liberty flowers, stripes) and of course any adjustments on the leg. I believe it’s all about the details – I’m Italian and I want my design to breathe ‘Made-In-Italy’.

A: It’s great to see how passionate you are about them! How do I get myself a pair? 

V: Currently I sell made-to-order jeans on The Dressing Screen. You can get yours in 20 days :).

A: I really want to know, how does it feel to see this project come alive? 

I have started Indomito on the encouragement of friends and family who have seen the magic I can create with a pair of denims. It is a dream come true to finally make my own jeans instead of customising Levis. The best thing in life is to work on your passion. I’m here giving an interview today, I never thought I would ever do that!

A: I’m lucky to be taking it! So, what does the future of Indomito look like?

My label is very young and I think it’s important to focus on one thing and perfect it. Maybe next season I’ll bring something more exclusive and customised, exploring colours and fabrics for winter! 



PRICE RANGE: 300 euros

WHERE TO BUY: At the dressing screen


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