AH/OK: Making The Italian Kimono

Ah/OK's design duo  Claudia Carrieri and Francesca Errani. Courtesy Photo

Como, Italy–Italians have coveted many aspects of Japanese culture, food and fashion for the last century.  But if there is anything Italians may envy the Japanese for… it is definitely the kimono. It’s a must-have, wardrobe stable. It’s even unisex and it can be worn all seasons.

That’s why Claudia Carieri and Francesca Errani created AH/OK, a brand that is rooted in a potent mix of Japanese kimono tradition and Como silk heritage. From the streets of Paris to Milan and from London to New York City, the kimono has evolved from a ceremonial ensemble to the ultimate, versatile closet staple that can be used as a jacket, blouse or simply draped over a long gown for red carpet wear.

“We wanted to create something unique, that could reflect our taste,” the design duo said, noting that the inspiration for their brand is rooted in signs, spots of colors and a collage printed on crepe de chine silk in Como, the city known for its tradition of high quality printed silk.

With the name of the brand AH/OK, Carieri and Errani wanted to express their attitude: “Don’t take each other too seriously. We often use that expression, to answer to the messages or only to verify things. It makes us smile and it represents us. Our products are studied and sophisticated, but in a laid back way. We also like how the brand name sounds, a little bit eastern and international: It suits perfectly to our project.”

The collection is full of lightweight, versitile pieces, kimonos and soft accessories, characterized by the contrast between clean lines and bold prints.  The color palette goes from lemon to coral, to olive, to mustard and black of course. AH/OK has a fresh and minimal style, perfectly joining the Japanese kimono tradition with the Italian style, for a collection designed, printed and sewed in Italy.

The company is based between Milan and Como, the home of Italian silk.

RETAIL PRICE: Kimono 190 euro, Foulard 150 euro

WHERE TO BUY: www.ahokshop.com


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