PRICE: Eco-Kimono Accessories

Price bags. Photo by Salvo Sportato

Silk kimonos are not only to be worn as a light coat or in the intimacy of your house. Price Ecodesign breathes new life to these magnificent Japanese vintage fabrics, using them to line or to embellish handbags and even outer wear. The Palermo-based brand mixes and matches pure silk kimono or delicate African fabrics with military fabrics and high-end leathers.

“We are vintage dealers,” said Federico Price Bruno, founder and chief creative director of the brand.  “We decided to remake the iconic Hermes Kelly to deliver a modern version of it: lining it and creating one-of-a-kind pieces with vintage kimono fabrics.”

By recycling vintage fabrics, Price says it is a brand with “eco” roots.

“Our concept of eco-fashion, is not eco-leather, but rather a sort of slow-fashion,”  Federico added.

“I don’t care about the masses. I care about our artisans — the ones in Naples and Palermo.  We are the forefathers of made in Italy and we have to save it.  I think that everything artisanal starts in a small shop, not from a computer.”

Detail, quality and style are the pillars of Price Ecodesign products. ‘We recycle, reduce, reuse, create beauty and put works of art back into circulation, with zero impact on the environment. These are pieces that remain timeless.”


RETAIL PRICE: from 400 Euro



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