Daria Shapovalova’s Tips for Fashion Week

Daria Shapovalova
Daria Shapovalova

Preparing your wardrobe for fashion week can be daunting, due to an unrelenting schedule of events and travel agenda. Kiev’s top fashion maven and Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days creative director Daria Shapovalova reveals her secret to making a splash at the shows, despite a frenetic schedule:

1. I have a number of great hats that work well for street style.

2. A number of great accessories, like statement necklaces and earrings I can pair with a dresses.

3. Statement bag like a Balenciaga or Prada.

4. I keep my bags small. I just need an iPhone.

5. Travel light. I put all the bigger items in my camera man’s backpack.

6. Lots of colorful pieces.




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