De Rosis: Contamination of Art and Beauty

By Valentina Accardo

ROME–Matisse, Miro’, Jean Arp e Malevich, inspired Ida De Rosis to create an high quality bags collection made through original design and solid craftsmanship. Mother of three children, De Rosis decided to start her own brand, after performing a covert market test. “I began to carry my own handbags without telling anyone those are my creations and I noticed that my girlfriends really liked them.”

Q: What characteristics define your brand?

De Rosis: “I don’t like logos or recognizable brand elements. I like a bag that is a compliment of the outfit with personality. So you can tell that the bag is from my collection because of the style, but not because you can see a logo on it.”

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

De Rosis: “Masterpieces of modern art. The paintings of artists like Matisse, Miro’, Jean Arp and Malevich give me the ideas, shapes and colors that have become original design. My background in architectural studies has helped me in terms of graphic art and style.”

Q: Who’s your ideal costumer?

De Rosis: “A woman who wants accessories with style and fashion without showing off a brand”.

Q: What’s your style/philosophy?

De Rosis: “My bags are like a piece of art: I want them to give emotions. I like to create pieces that last long and could be well loved by the owners”.


WHAT: Italian leather made by artisans in the Marche region, located in central Italy.

HEADQUARTERS: Latina, Lazio.

PRICE: 1000-1500 euros average.



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