FW Finds At Milan’s White Show

White Fair Milan

During fashion week it’s easy to miss out on all the events that are taking place simultaneously, but knowing where to look can always be rewarding. One event that is unmissable for up and coming brands (and those who scout them) is White Show Milano, which provides a perfect stage to shine. Our team did their own scouting amongst the many niche brands and found some that share our passion for attention to detail.

Nanga Mai towels in their eco-friendly packaging.

Nanga Mai towels in their eco-friendly packaging.

As a result of the creative efforts of an economist and an aerospace engineer, Nanga-Mai’s founders are far from what you’d expect in the fashion industry. But since all roads lead to Rome, this pair of young entrepreneurs have created a brand worth noting. Luxury Yacht fashion style shirts in 100% linen, for both men and women, with a pre-shrinkage treatment to ensure unchanging sizes. Nanga-Mai is a sensible brand with sustainable and eco-responsible manufacture, and all the while supporting local production. Made in Italy just got a second title: organic.


Directly from Venice, ARNOLDO & BATTOIS seek to hypnotize with their architectural creations with Italian fabrics. The unique garments are 100% hand-made exclusively by Italian artisans, of diverse ages and skills, upon order. The designers and owners of the brand Silvano and Massimiliano believe that elegance and artisanal fashion are more than a trend, they are a lifestyle. Their show closes Rome’s Altamoda week on Jan 29th and is sure to be unmissable … unless of course you are not in Rome, in which case you can still see the video footage which will be uploaded on their Facebook page.


Silvano Arnoldo and Massimiliano Battois, the faces behind the brand.

Silvano Arnoldo and Massimiliano Battois, the faces behind the brand.

Lastly, we found Rewop, a 100% milanese eyewear brand. The name is an anagram of the word Power, representing strength, freshness and dynamics that characterize the brand. These shades are for both men and women, who are sure of themselves, confident, determined, and in love with Made in Italy. Rewop is an evolving brand that is up to date with trends, offering youthful, modern and edgy glasses perfect for indoors and out. Check out more styles here.


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