Nosakhari stand at Pitti Uomo.  Photo by Silio Danti
Nosakhari stand at Pitti Uomo. Photo by Silio Danti

By Laura Saldarriaga and Sofia Celeste

Florence, Italy — During Pitti Uomo in Florence this year there were over 1000 fashion forward and traditional brands displaying their designs.  BACO’s Editor-in-Chief Sofia Celeste selected a few that you MUST know.

FRACAP: When A Mountain Boot Meets The City 

When it comes to shoes, it’s safe to say that you can really never have too many, and in the 21st century this is no longer a gender-related subject. Fracap is not by any means a new brand and has been in the market since the beginning of the 19th century, but what is most eye-catching about this brand, is its capacity to evolve with the change of centuries and adapt to the desires of consumers in the shoe industry. Even more appealing is that every single pair of Fracap shoes are still made by the current owners, Michele and Antonio Cappello, in Monteroni, Italy. In today’s fast paced industrial fashion production, the attention to detail and quality materials is less and less present and brands can only mark the difference by going against the crowd. Handmade by Italians with exclusively top quality materials, Fracap shoes are a real luxury worth investing in and as expressed by the brand You don’t wear a pair of shoes, you wear a piece of Italian history.


LABORATORI ITALIANI: Contemporary Tailored Men’s Wear 

When talking about fashionable men, the word Italian is a perfectly irrefutable one-word argument. Laboratori Italiani is a 100% Italian brand born in 2016 for the modern and refined… or in one word: the gentleman. Their garments present a contemporary take of the classic and elegant silhouettes that have defined quality tailoring and the proud taste of Made in Italy.

BANANATIME: Unisex Pajama Wear To Get Excited About

For your less formal moments we found BANANATIME, a Holland-based brand that brings an equally luxurious air with silk undergarments and leisure wear for both men and women.  The brand founded by two travelers who struggled to find fashionable, casual wear to their jetset taste, and let’s be honest the struggle is REAL. Their playful name is complemented with visually appealing and colorful vintage inspired silk fabrics that promise a stylish break from your routine.


NOSAKHARI: Genderless Accessories

Nosakhari is born from the creative mind of Nosakhare Osadolor, who since childhood was on a quest for coolness. He finally discovered that everybody has their own style within them and THAT is what makes a person cool.  Expressing one’s individuality in a Modern age has allowed him,  to break into the fashion industry with his accessories… without a fashion degree.  Even more interesting, is a brand’s ethos centres around artisanal quality with a contemporary, urban edge.   Get to know more about this inspiring brand here.


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