Nosakhari: Inside A London Artisan Lab

Nosa Kingsley Osa, young designer and creator of the brand.
Nosa Kingsley Osa, young designer and creator of the brand.

LONDON–Deep in the heart of London’s emerging Hackney district, where council houses neighbor upscale fashion outlets, a new creative artisan lab is taking shape and playing a part in defining this dynamic borough.  The founders of the unisex Nosakhari accessories brand have transformed a cozy, brick walled commercial space into their own studio and are preparing to share the space with creative minds.  The expansion plans will allow small-business owners to share their resources and equipment without the pricy overhead.

“Our space can be open to everyone from jewellery designers to bakers,” said Nosakhare Osadolor, the 29-year old designer, who started the brand with Elise Heonjoo Ji and design engineer Magdalena Marek.

“The lab is about igniting individuality and self expression,” he said.

The Nosakhari storefront is already being used as an exhibition space for Nosakhari’s latest sleek leather goods, many of which are designed and crafted in the Hackney space, equipped with tools, label stamping and a leather-cutting machine.

Nosakhari was started by Osadolor, who since childhood was on a quest for coolness. He finally discovered that everybody has their own style within them and THAT is what makes a person cool.  Expressing one’s individuality in a Modern age has allowed him,  to break into the fashion industry with his accessories… without a fashion degree.  Even more interesting, is a brand’s ethos centres around artisanal quality with a contemporary, urban edge.

You can pay a visit to the Nosakhari Lab, which is located at 230 Morning Lane, Hackney, London or contact them directly here. 



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