Schedoni: Luggage in the Fast Lane

Leather goods company Schedoni was founded over 130 years ago as a hand-crafted footwear maker. Since then, and by sheer chance, it has made a name for itself among racing aficionados, rock stars and high-end luggage customers from here to the United Arab Emirates.

The brand’s trajectory took flight after Mauro Schedoni, grandson of the brand’s founder, custom-made a set of luggage to fit in the trunk of his brother-in-law’s Ferrari.

That Christmas, Mauro’s gift was spotted by Ferrari’s Sales Manager, who presented it to the auto maker, and Mauro’s life and his brand would never be the same.

Ferrari liked his product so much they tapped Schedoni to produce a leather goods line of bags for various Ferrari models and outfit seats for the cockpits of Formula One racing vehicles.

Only a brand with such a deep-rooted history in the leather goods business could have created a name for itself in such a niche market, thanks to its original idea and ‘Made in Italy’ values.

The family-run business is now run by fourth-generation family members Simone and Elsa, who are propelling the brand well into the 21st century.

Other than making custom-made bags for luxury cars – from Ferrari to Rolls Royce – Schedoni has recently ventured into the world of photography with the LEICA by Schedoni System: a capsule collection of photo cases that easily transform into a file carrier for daily use. Only 100 pieces will be sold through dealers and select retail partners.

Personalized products are a key part of the Schedoni business and are also available for online sale. For example, customers can buy suitcases ensconsed in carbon titanium and lined with the same iconic leather used since 1983 to outfit Formula One seats. Clients often ask for personalized accents like matching carbon titanium with exotic skins such as alligator, ostrich and python.

Acetaia Schedoni

Balsamic vinegar being made in the attic of the Schedoni headquarters. Photo by Michael Agel

Thanks to its fast-lane image, Schedoni says it attracts A-list celebrities.

About 99 percent of the brand’s revenue is generated internationally.

In addition to its leather goods production, the family still carries on its passion for Modena’s most famous culinary delight: balsamic vinegar. In Schedoni’s attic, lie the wine barrels that have been passed on from father to son since 1916.

– Valentina Accardo


WHO: Mauro, Elsa and Simone Schedoni



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