FRANCESCA SERAFIN: How to Wear a Man’s Scarf

Serafin_photo by Salvo Sportato

A self-starter, Francesca Serafin decided to build her own brand of artisanal pocket squares, after she had a few made for her boyfriend on a whim.

The brand plays with her last name: Sera’ Fine Silk. “It’s a made in Italy production, using silk from Como,” Francesca explained to BACO.

Serà Fine Silk pocket squares and scarves are sold on Sera’ Fine Silk (price range EUR55 for pocket squares to EUR210 for scarves) and are mostly for men, but we love these Como-silk-printed scarves for women as well. In fact, Serafin is expanding her women’s selection through the Also for Her section of her website.  Click on the video and gallery below to find out how Francesca, one of our favorite fashion mavens, recommends wearing your scarf for fall:


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