Silvana Venturini’s American Dream


PARMA–Silvana Venturini is an archaeologist who decided that her passion would become a job. Or a sort of. Her interest for antiques, objects and bijoux, began long time ago, but now finding and selling vintage accessories is her main activity. “I do a lot of research, I travel through the United States to places that I know and some random ones. I often travel and live in the States. I’m specialized on American vintage pieces.”

BACO: How did you decide to become an antique reseller?

SV: “I was an archaeologist, and I decided to take a different path in order to do what I really wanted. It’s only been ten years that I have been doing this job and it all started because I am a collector”.

BACO: How do you find your items?

SV: “I do research by myself and usually by through my own antiques and vintage colleagues.”

BACO: You don’t have a shop. Where people can find your stuff?

SV: “I always participate at the most important fairs of the field. In Italy at Mercanteinfiera, Belgioioso and Leopolda. This summer I’ll go in Spain, and I’ll open a temporary store, probably in Valencia.”

BACO: How do you choose your pieces?

SV: “It’s important that the piece is unique. For example, I have a Veruschka chain/belt made to measures for her o these bags in lucite, an American material that was used by Marylin Monroe for her bags too. I have some rare Schiapparelli hats of her American period.”

BACO: How about bijoux?

SV: “I carry all the big vintage brands from Trifari to Miriam Haskhell, from Har to Kenneth Jay Lane, who I know personally. Fashion houses come to us to take pictures and gather inspiration. I often see people from Scervino and Valentino.”

BACO: Jay Lane made some pieces that Onassis gave to Jackie. Do you have any?

SV: “I have a copy of the star-shaped pin that KennetH made for Jackie. He made things for a woman who wants to feel like a princess and also likes to wear things that were owned by someone important.”

WHAT: American vintage bijoux and accessories


PRICE RANGE: from 15 to 3.000 euros


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