The Hippie Chic Side of White


White offered an insight into the multi-faceted personality of the modern fashionable lady —  from her street-style side to her classic sophisticate self. BACO explored the hippie chic side at WHITE, choosing four brands that represent the effortless bohemian fashion trend. Fashion Editor Valentina Accardo reports: 


Former professional surfer and swimmer and art enthusiast, Urbinati started with a swimwear collection in the 80s, creating an idea rooted in a minimal graphic feminine aesthetic.  “I was living in LA and I wanted to create a kind of swimwear that I liked. So I started with my own collection,” Urbinati said. Over the years, the Milan-based designer has become very popular among trendsetters like former top model Marpessa, style icon Ines de la Fressange and Vogue’s Anne Wintour. “[Wintour] She always makes an order for the resort season womenswear,” revealed the roman-born designer. The strengths of Urbinati’s collections are the clean and essential lines, strong prints, lingerie and swimwear, versatile clothing that can be worn from day to night — from a work meeting to the poolside. PRICE: 300 euro average. WHERE TO BUY:


The Treviso-born designer defines her eponymous label as a “multivitaminic” project. “In every piece there is a combination of three colors and fabrics that defines the collection,” explains Giada. Starting in 2011 with a simple blouse, Giada fuses the rigor of the tailor-made silhouette with a mix of emotions dictated by the attention to detail and raw materials. “I like to find vintage buttons… they change in the same collection too. This is a distinctive trait of my collection,” added the designer. From the high quality materials such as silk, wool and cotton to the artisans she works with, Fratter does not want to compromise on Made in Italy materials. “My style is strongly influenced by my experience in London and at the theater, where I worked as an actress. The result is in the sartorial lines and the strong personality of the product that is always recognizable.” PRICE: 300 euro average. WHERE TO BUY:



The man with the graying beard and intense blue eyes, Angelo Gallamini who hails from the eastern Italian town of Cesena, is the ultimate soul of the brand named after his father. “My family company always worked with high quality fabrics, and I wanted to name the brand after my father because I wanted to pass on the family tradition.”

Since 2014, when he presented his first collection at Pitti Uomo, there has been a cape invasion on the street and on the catwalk. Layering is the latest trend and the Ermanno Gallamini luxury capes, ponchos and blankets rock it, serving up an ultra-hippie and chic style that makes you feel warm and cozy due to the fine cashmere, silk,  wool and linen they use. “I’m not interested in the instant fashion. I like to see how the cape fits people  and if they really like the product. It’s not a matter of profit, but it’s a matter of quality. This is not only a project made in Italy… It’s made with love.” His iconic piece is the embroidered cashmere cape, lined with an African print fabric and tapestry finish. PRICE:  from 150 to 1.200 euro. WHERE TO BUY:



The Briguglio family, based in Salsomaggiore, just outside of Parma, debuted the Ibrigu brand with their women collection that comes from the passion for tailoring and vintage. “Our goal is to recycle top quality materials and turn them in luxury garments geared towards high-end shops and customers,” said Franco Briguglio. Silk vintage foulard, Japanese kimonos and Persian furs are just a few older pieces that they recycled and updated into new luxury garments with an ethnic-chic vibe thanks to the precious work of artisans and specialized tailors. “Our product is artisanal, made by tailors based in the north of Italy. Items in leather and fur are made in Tuscany, where we craft our sartorial jackets with new materials. We travel to northern Europe to the best second hand markets in order to find the finest goods.” Briguglio said.  Every piece is unique: hand made with high-quality raw materials and reworked vintage pieces.  PRICE: from 350 (silk pants) to 1.800 euro (fur).  WHERE TO BUY:

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