Lisa Corti Textiles.  Photo by Salvo Sportato

Not many people realize this, but for most designers, their starting point is textiles. Whether they take a trip to a trade show like Milano Unica or Premier Vision or they troll vintage stores or hang out in a library, studying patterns and fabrics are most often than not a realistic step in envisaging one’s collection.

From the silk heartland of Lake Como to the wool mill-studded hills of Northern Italian city Biella, this country is full of family-run companies that cater to fashion’s vanguard brands. Today, these companies are taking more of an interest in cultivating fashion-forward collaborations to emphasize their hand in driving trends.

This week, we wanted to focus on some of the world’s most creative textile makers:  Canepa, a silk mill at the foot of the Italian Alps, is spearheading Italy’s move towards a more sustainable fashion industry.  Nearly 90 percent sustainable, the company has extracted chemicals from the dyeing process and is working with various companies to develop new methods to help the industry edge closer to its more environmentally-friendly aspirations.

We also take you on a journey through Milan to meet one of the world’s most vibrant fabric designers Lisa Corti, a Milan-based artist who rarely ever uses the color black in her fashions, made with textiles from India.

BACI, Sofia

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