Vuedu: The Sicilian Essential

Photo by Salvo Sportato

MILAN–With an inclination towards several areas of design – from architecture to fashion – Daniela Vinciguerra’s likes to be thought of as a entrepreneur and a visionary. In 2008, she started her own brand Vuedu, which is derived from a combination of her initials and at the same time is play on the French words VU and DU.

BACO’s Women’s Fashion Editor chats with Daniela Vinciguerra: 

BACO: What is your clothing collection about? 

DV: “The collection expresses a certain type of style that is simple and essential but embodies a strong conceptual idea and structured geometric shapes. I like unexpected combination of fabrics and the unusual mix of color.”


DV: “I have a true connection with the Japanese world with a western contamination. I like to play with shapes and volumes. My clothes always say something about the person wearing them.”

BACO: Where is Vuedu made?

DV: “It is really a special meeting place in Palermo where artists and creatives can swap ideas. It really recalls the Andy Warhol Factory spirit. It is a place for new projects and research.”

BACO: What kind of materials do you use?

DV: “I only use Italian fine fabrics like cotton, boiled wool, taffeta, tweed, vicuna, cashmere and velvet.

BACO: How about your production?

DV: “Everything is produced in Palermo where I have my headquarters. It is a sartorial product made by Sicilian artisanal studios in the area.”

–By Valentina Accardo


WHOVueda by Daniela Vinciguerra




WHERE TO BUY: and Via Sperlinga 32 in Palermo.



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