BACO’s Valentina Accardo discusses a few emerging brands that caught her eye in the accessories world.


Abury combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design. They work in Morocco, Ecuador, Romania: it is an intercultural exchange of sorts between local artisans and designers. Their aim is to preserve world wide craft and change the way we view traditional fashion. Abury gives a percentage of the profits of the production to the country they work in to promote educational projects. Our favorite piece is the Berber Bag, which was designed by French visual arts and graphic designer Yannick Hervy. Hervey’s Berber collection for Abury was inspired the a Riad in Marrakesh and the ancient Berber culture, famous for their weaving traditions and use of vibrant colors for tapestries and carpets. As a result of the project, schools are now being built in a Berber community in the Atlas Mountain range. Perfect for traveling and off-duty style. PRICE: 200 euro average.



The label was founded by Hungarian designer Linda Sieto. It is a collection of contemporary architectonic, sculptured bags, with a bold yet personal touch. The designer plays with the effects of light on color and soft volumes, each piece is very distinctive. The bags are eye-catching, for a woman that wants to look different and elegant. PRICE: 200-500 euro.


This design team from Tel Aviv creates original and never-seen bags made from textiles that are made from wood. Wow! What you see is different from what you touch though. The team has developed this material that is delicate, flexible but also strong and durable. It is a limited, luxurious made to order clutch purses collection. PRICE: 500 euro average.

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