BACO STYLE: Angelo Gallamini on His Capes and Owls


The founder of the Ermanno Gallamini label is one of the main influencers of the cape trend that has taken over the men’s fashion scene. “The world is my flea market,” said Angelo Gallamini. The designer, who lives in the coastal town of Cesena, Italy, makes capes, shawls and blankets with wanderlust soul.

BACO’s Fashion Editor Valentina Accardo had a chat with Gallamini about his iconic style. 

BACO: How did the blanket idea start?

AG: “One day I was in the countryside with my friends.  We started cutting fabric, and we decided to put it on top of our clothes… just like that, I styled it like a blanket. It is the way we carry ourselves in our clothes that makes the product stand out. I’m interested in how the capes look on people, not just selling things. This project is made in Italy and it is made with love.”

BACO: Ermanno Gallamini is the name of your father?

AG: “Yes, I decided to call the company with his name because it’s like I’m transferring 28 years of his history into the company. There are very few romantic entrepreneurs left out there… who still care about quality.”

BACO: Why did you choose the owl as brand symbol?

AG: “It’s an American night animal and two years ago, while this company was taking form, two owls came to live in our house.”

BACO: There are both vintage and Western influences integrated into your look. Where do you get your inspiration from?

AG: “I get my inspiration from the American Indians, their freedom and the Navajo culture. They were craftsmen and they made everything by hand. I like to rediscover old traditions too.  For example, I found out who in Romagna is able to make this very rare stitching called punto cavallo (cross stitching) that we insert onto our blankets. I also work with a silversmith that works for Bulgari to make my one-of-a-kind pins to close the capes.”

BACO: Why do you have such a long beard?

AG: “I started growing it during the winter two years ago, because of the cold. I didn’t have one before, but now I feel that it is part of my DNA.”

BACO: What are you wearing today?

AG: “I am wearing a pair of Redwings — a remake of the 30s-40s work shoes; hunting trousers from 1890s; my own vest, a Mr. Freedman jeans jacket, a ceremony blossom by Apache Indians, turquoise Navajo bracelets and a vintage Wrangler denim shirt from the 50s.”

BACO: What’s your personal style? 

AG: “Only my own style”


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