Pitti Uomo Accessories Preview


Potential discoveries abound at Pitti Uomo. At the fair’s 88th edition, we expect sustainable and artisan products to stand out. Here is a preview of  some brands to keep an eye on at the fair:

BOCA MMXII is a lifestyle brand that produces watches and bracelets that are crafted with hand woven sheepskin and calfskin straps made by artisans in Mexico.  Their leather products are sustainable and eco-conscious, as they are tinted with natural dyes and produced in low impact workshops and their hides are the by-product of the meat industry. At the 88th edition of Pitti Uomo, they will unfurl three new eyewear models and their first Swiss watch dubbed the “Primero,” which is styled in a largely vintage fashion. The square-faced watch will be available in three versions: black, cream and blue.


Tesi Hats

The family-run company that reached its heyday between World War I and World War II, is on a mission to captivate the world’s dandies with their updated fedoras, triblies and exquisite straw hats like the “Montecristi” panamas – one of the most labor-intensive hats of all.

Made with Ecuadorian “Toquilla” palms, the Montecristi incorporates about 1600 to 2500 weaves per square inch, months of handiwork.  A well-made Panama is said to be able to withstand monsoon like rain drops and can even be rolled through a wedding ring.

At the upcoming 88th edition of Pitti Uomo, the fifth-generation family run company will unfurl a collection of hats finished with an innovative laser technique.

“Clients are looking for classic forms like our fedora and trilby hats… The trend is moving towards hats with personality crafted with contemporary materials. Our showcase at Pitti will include a laser technique applied to our hats that is along those lines,” said Giacomo Tesi, who runs the company with his cousins.

Gherardini’s First Mens’ Bag Line

Gherardini will launch its first men’s collection envisaged by the company’s ceo Riccardi Braccialini at Pitti Uomo. The launch is in tandem with the family-run company’s 130th anniversary celebration that will unfold between the Florence’s Museo Bellini and the exclusive Giardino Torrigiani.


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