Cardano Club: Dressing Like A Real Italian Gentleman


MILAN–Effortless elegance is something that is often innate and not taught, but we can possibly provide you with the next best thing… We caught up with the co-founder of men’s Made in Italy e-commerce Cardano Club. Roberta Frattini shares her view on what it takes to dress like a real “Italian Gentleman.”

BACO: What are some of the things that are a MUST for the modern Italian gentleman? 

RF: It s always difficult to say what is a must have for the Italian gentleman but here’s my list:

1. The artisanal tie

2. A 100% silk pocket square

3. Silver cuff links (possibly customized).

4.  Handmade shoes with matching leather belt

5. Navy blue knee-length “filo di scozia” fine cotton socks

6. A bespoke suit

7. Bespoke white shirt with initials

8. A customized shoe care box

9. A one of kind shaving brush

BACOWhat are some non-tangible qualities a modern gentleman must possess? 

RF: Knowledge: we believe that real exclusivity is not driven anymore by price or big brands but the knowledge of many meanings behind an item. Exclusivity: craftsmanship is by its nature a limited edition business. Let’s be honest you don’t want a tie sold in 100 items or more. We have “one of a kind” ties. The important item in a man’s wardrobe is a sense of Timeless Elegance, never trendy.

BACO: What are some of the brands you carry with the most interesting artisanal or family history and traditions? 

RF: All our brands have a strong artisanal history , in some cases it is a very long story (Marinella, Maglia, Merola, Valobra, Acqua di Biella, …) in some other cases it is much shorter (Passaggio Cravatte, Marfin , Sciamat) but not less interesting. We want to support young artisans and help them to emerge. It is our mission and we are genuinely enthusiastic about this.

BACO: What items are a must for this summer? 

RF: This summer the must is definitely a handmade extrafine panama hat by Tesi and an elegant swim short by Petronius1926 with the same ties prints and mother of pearl button.

BACO: What is a must for Pitti? 

RF: A pair of handmade sunglasses by Bob Sdrunk

BACO: Never ?

RF: The sockless phenomenon. We hope this trend fades….it is not that elegant and not very Italian.

BACO: LOL. You aren’t the only person who thinks that. Ok, always? 

RF:  Handmade vintage sunglasses by Bob Sdrunk in June and a handmade umbrella by Francesco Maglia for Pitti’s January edition.

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