VALENTINA’S EXPERIENCE: The Bespoke Women’s Coat


BACO’s fashion editor Valentina Accardo takes you from the vibrant fabric markets of Kenya to an upscale tailor in Parma.  Read about how easy getting your own jacket made is in her personal account: 

Last winter I went to Kenya for a quick (!) getaway from the chilly Northern Italian winter, and I really fell in love with the eastern African coast. The amazing landscapes, the animals, the nature, the great Kilimanjaro and the artisan markets.

I couldn’t possibly lose an opportunity to shop my heart out! The colors of the prints of the African unique fabrics that they use for just about everything: tablecloths, sarongs, headbands, skirts and so on… It all inspired me to make my own bespoke light coat. When I came back, I went to Ixcariota, a nice tailor shop in Parma, which is run by Federica Sidoli.   After asking her opinion, I decided on an electric blue cotton lining to go with the wax-finished cotton African fabric.  In the end, we also decided to sew on some invisible metallic buttons.

Then we decided on the cut: a nice length with a feminine touch. Federica cut the fabric. After few days, while she made the coat by hand, I passed by for the first fitting. We decided to modified a little bit the shape of the neckline of the coat that  was more flattering on me. After the definition of all the details, including the color of the cotton thread to sew the buttons. I waited, I waited, I waited. And then, my coat was done!!!

Beautiful, unique, bespoke: only-for-me. What a luxury!

WHERE: Ixcariota Sartoria by Federica Sidoli, B.Go Santa Chiara, 7, Parma. Phone +390521230319.


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