EULALIA B’s Mediterranean Flavor


Florence, Italy–A sophisticated simplicity expressed by a Mediterranean style with a Milanese beat. The creations of the designer Eulalia Batlle Gallardo, born in Barcelona but adopted by Milan, reflect the idea of a woman that seeks feminine comfort, top quality fabrics, balanced shapes, as well as volumes. The result is an elegant yet contemporary style, made in Italy with high quality materials.

A graduate of fashion design, the Spanish designer found her fortune in Italy, after studying and working at Teatro alla Scala in Milan as tailor/costume maker.

“I was going to Pitti together with an Italian woman who has a showroom. Once she noticed that what I was wearing it was made by myself, offered me to design my first capsule collection. And that’s how Eulalia B was born,” she said.

BACO’s women’s fashion editor Valentina Accardo sits down with the designer: 

Where is the production?

EB: We make everything in Lombardia region. All pieces are made by artisans that use only top quality French or Italian leather and fabrics.

 What’s in the FW2015/16collection?

EB: For the FW 2015/16 collection we’ll have wool net, boiled wool lace fabric, quilted faux leather, poplin, fleece, and wool felt doubled with faux leather.

What kind of materials do you use?

EB: In every collection I try new materials and I do a lot of research on it. On the design side, I always introduce some new elements in every new collection, but never a style revolution. At last Pitti W I put out sweaters and hats as new items. In the future I would like to try with man or kids collections. The summer collection has jacquard, neoprene, pique’, linen, denim and knits.

Will you try some sustainable materials?

EB: I think more about craftsmanship, I like rich and structured fabrics. And I try to find materials that you can wash at home that is more practical.

What about your inspiration?

EB: I think about women. I would like that a woman can feel happy and beautiful while wearing my clothes.

Who is the Eulalia B woman?

EB: A woman who is bold and wants to feel special, comfortable and elegant at the same time.



WHAT: Women’s fashions in tweed, cotton, piquet, linen, resin, neoprene with texture.

STYLE: Elegant and contemporary.

HEADQUARTERS: Macherio, Brianza


WHERE TO BUY: Sauce – Dubai; Penelope – Brescia; Victorienne – Bolzano; Dolci Trami – Siena; Interno 11 – Trento; Zoe – Pitrasanta; Zoe – Bassano del Grappa; Tessabit – Como



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