The Fashionable Side of Fuorisalone

Manebi Espadrilles. Photo by Salvo Sportato

MILAN–Milan’s Design Week opened a lot of palazzo doors and secret gardens that for the most part of the year are closed off to prying eyes. BACO’s Women’s Fashion Editor Valentina Accardo brings you on a tour of the Fuorisalone events that took place around the city with a handmade, artisan allure. 

Yoox’s Made in Milano, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
At the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana e-commerce conglomerate Yoox celebrated Milanese artisan design with a collection of objects created exclusively for and now available to buy on the website. The jewelry boxes of Attico Cristina Celestino, the Van der Rohe-inspired lamp Peqpab of Dimorestudio, the laser-carved and polished brass trays of Francesco Meda and the decorative and elegant plates of Osanna Visconti di Modrone were all on show and are now available online.
Exercises in Seating by Max Lamb, Spazio Sanremo, 5Vie
At Spazio Sanremo in the 5vie district, the Max Lamb instillation takes you in an extraordinary peaceful dimension. Quiet and calm, the exhibit makes you focus on the chairs on show and on the way they were made. “These 41 pieces were made by me between 2006 and 2015,” explained the British-34-year-old designer. “They are all unique and each one is a different exercise in the making. The work begins with the raw material, not from the design, and they are supposed to be quiet, humble and to tell the story of how they were made. The emphasis is about how they were made, not the seating.”
Picta Wallpaper, Via Santa Marta 
It’s on to via Santa Marta where throngs crowd Uberta Zambelletti’s Wait and See concept store and the popup Gnambox garage, where food lovers are lining up for an easy and interesting lunch.  Amid the madness, the handcrafted decorative interior wallpaper of Picta Papers. Young Milanese designers Orsola Clerici e Chiara Troglio founded this company a couple of years ago to export their ten-year-long experience as interior decorators and their signature taste in decoration worldwide. “It’s handpainted wallpaper,” said digital artist Beatrice Frisia. “You can choose your own style online on exploring the collections. Then you can customize it to fit your space needs. And it’s easy to ship. The price range is between 50 and 250 euro for square meters.”
Changing Atmosphere, via Santa Marta 14
Studio’98 together with Vetreria Etrusca presents the interesting project of Changing Atmosphere. The goal is to recycle old glass bottles into something useful and elegant. From an idea of Guia Bartolozzi, this architects’ studio turns an industrial product to a design object. “These were born as wine bottles and they were transformed into a new object as a candle holder or a vase. This was born as an exhibition but it turned that everyone visiting asks to buy them!” Price range 10-30 euro.
Manebi Goes Artsy, Via Tortona 21
Last but not least, we took a trip to via Tortona 21, the Milanese design district.  The 23-year-old creative designer Marianna Tomaselli made real-time customized handpainted espadrilles at the Manebi showroom. It’s a summer must have.


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