Photo by Salvo Sportato

PARMA, Italy–High-end materials, soft leathers, top craftsmanship… These are the cornerstones upon which Elena Longhi’s label Ninael was built.   The Roman designer launched her label in 2014, and in 2014, she was chosen by Altaroma as one of the top 10 emerging designers.

“I found that accessories allow me to express more than anything, a woman’s personality,” Elena told BACO.

After a career in media and advertising, she decided to work on expressing her own fashion sense through her own bag and accessories label.

“My big break  happened when I met a master craftsman, near Florence, who works for Fendi, Ferragamo, Gucci, and I left my drawings to him. Soon the collection came out, and I was ready to show to the world,” she added.

Riding the wave of the enduring hippie-chic trend, Ninael decided to distinguish itself on the market through its brass fringe rather than flashy labels.

“I think that give a kind of rock edge to the bag, swinging around the silhouette with a seductive yet sophisticated style – as only Italians can be. Using these brass fringes was a challenge, not only for the design, but also for the craftsmanship,” Elena said, adding that the  application technique is top secret.

The secret to the brand’s success, she said, is credit to the Italian tanneries and master artisans who work with some of luxury’s top brands.  The materials also make the label stand out: French calf, eco leathers, as well as exotic hides like crocodile and python.

RETAIL PRICE: from 200 to 700 euro WHERE TO BUY:

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