ALMINI SHOES: The Sensation of Bespoke

Alimini Shoes. Photo by Raffaella Tosi

Vigevano, Italy–Almini Collection Zero operates under the same core values as textile makers do when they spin fine cashmere and silk. Pleasure, joy and delight, are just a few sensations that Carlo Ruggero, seeks to evoke with the production of every shoe.

Ruggero said that what sets his shoes apart is the process: starting from making a unique upper, followed by fitting the leather directly on to the foot — for an authentic bespoke experience. The stitches are sewn directly onto the sole, so there are no visibile trimmings on the outside, leaving the shoes with as sleek of an appearance as possible.

The company is based in Vigevano and has been run by the same family for four generations.

The Almini company was founded 1921, and started by kids boots. They later began crafting soccer cleats, until the 80s, when they began to seduce the Middle-Eastern markets with the production of sandals.p

Their “0” Collection of hand made mens shoes is indicative of the tradition and the innovation that are the result of extensive research and years of artisanal heritage.

You can have the full experience in the new flagship store just opened in Milan.



WHERE TO BUY: Via Bagutta 24, Milan.

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