EATUP Exhibit Debuts in Milan

Eat Up Exhibition. Photo by Salvo Sportato

MILAN–Italian photographer Salvo Sportato brings us on a trip around the world to discover the diverse culture of food, in his latest exhibition ‘EatUp’, in Milan until January 31.

If you haven’t already guessed, we are very proud of Salvo, as he is BACO’s photo editor and is the creative driving force behind much of our content.

For the exhibit, Salvo traveled to far-off lands like Hebei, China, Rajastan, India, Tensest-El Haouz, Morocco and the Cajun capital of the world Louisiana, USA, for his living journal, chronicling how families and everyday people eat, worldwide.  Whether people are standing in front of a food truck munching on tacos, or sitting at a family dinner table, Salvo’s latest masterpiece attempts to capture the relationships between civilization and their cuisine.

“You can eat in a noisy place or in silence, alone or with others, with the hands or with cutlery, on the street or at home, on the ground or at the table. You can see different cultures brought back up in the same places or at the opposite, you’ll see same cultures in very distant places. My goal is to capture these instances without place or time — moments that connect different cultures to the food, and at the same time allow us to uncover the identity of each one.”

The forty shots were selecte for the exhibition, which focuses on the details of dinner tables around the globe and universal eating habits.

Among the many subjects and settings in EATUP are scenes of a crowded tables, an Indian man cooking alone at 5am on the street, leftovers at a Moroccan restaurant and a silent couple waiting for their order in an American diner.

“A local dish is the way get to know the local flavor and the identity of a community: it’s in the daily ritual of eating,” said Salvo.  “EATUP” is a must see this month.

WHERE: Fondazione Luciana Malaton, Foro Buonaparte 67, Milano


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