Angela Florio of DecorAzione


MILAN–Angela Florio  founder of the DecorAzione studio is an artisan that lets her creativity dictate what she will design for the fashion and design world and not the other way around.

In a sunny workshop in an 18th century palace on via Santa Maria Fulcorina 20, she shows me gill-like skirting adornment made out of chicken coop wire and paper, a decorative piece that could be used for either an elaborate skirt or a lampshade.

Stepping into her laboratory is like stepping into an ethereal world where things for the art, fashion and interiors worlds are produced — from stamped t-shirts to materials used in decorating the ceiling of Milan’s Teatro Gerolamo.

“I think the decorator field has not been understood for many years,” Florio said, as she showcased her other crafts that included everything from delicate metallic leaves made out of 3D pens, iridescent screens made with fiber optics and her paneled silver and gold rendering of Milan’s Stazione Centrale, which she presented during Milan’s Design Week.

“Being a decorator requires a very classic artisanal knowledge, but I think I offer something different, something more modern compared to what is available on the market.”

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