AL PASCIA': Pipes to Leather Goods


MILAN–Inside Milan’s historic pipe emporium Al Pascia,  a sweet, smokey aroma permeates the rows of international and antique smoking aids and accessories and leather goods.

Founded in 1906, Al Pascia‘ is a family run business that sits on Via Torino 61 on the edge of 5Vie.  The store is now operated by the Sportelli family, whose patriarch bought the  shop 30 years ago. The Sportellis quickly began to cater to aficionados in
search of pouches for their coveted pipes and tobacco.

The Sportelli’s sell everything from wallets and bags to letter cases, some crafted with antique 18th century techniques that involve hammering the leather and dabbing the dye by hand.

Their latest collection, AP Collection by Al Pascia’ is a real testament to their foray into the world of handbags and totes for men and women. The collection includes weekend bags, satchels, PC carriers and day bags. Available in an array of colors and hides, each bag can be personalized through Al Pascia’s network of artisans. 

“Our leather goods are inspired by the artisan world in an almost tailored fashion,” said Cosimo Sportelli, the founder’s son.  Cosimo’s brother Leonardo, is responsible for the company’s web expansion,
which he pioneered in 1999.

“We now sell all over the world. We have passionate and loyal clients everywhere from the United States to Australia,” Cosimo said.

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