F. Hammann 1864’s 5th Generation


Florence, Italy–There is an old-time charm in a perfect accessories travel set.  As seen at Pitti, mens accessories are becoming more and more of a hot commodity on the fashion market and companies are ready to satisfied the demand.  The Oftenbach-based German Hammann family has been operating in the mens accessories field since 1864.  Over 150 years since the company’s inception, F. Hammann is still employing skilled artisans, who are crafting their manicure sets, leather cases and brushes, just as they were made in the 19th century.

BACO’s fashion editor Valentina Accardo caught up with fifth generation Hammann son, Hans-Christian Hammann at Pitti Uomo.

Where are your raw materials – like leather hides from?

“We use top quality leathers, and most come from Italy. We use luxury materials and pride ourselves on precise workmanship. Everything is made in Germany by hand. For the brushes we use batter bristles and horse hair”.

How about the metal parts of you product?

“We only use Inox Stainless Steel made in Germany by Eschenburg, Solingen. The lock and frames of the bags are milled from solid brass and then handpolished.”

Do you customize the products?

“Yes, we can bespoke and customize everything and we have a lot of colors and combinations available.”

What’s your best seller?

“We have work bags with a vintage twist and travel sets.”

Why did you come to Pitti?

“We like to have an international window so we can present our products to people that don’t come to German fairs. Italy is the number one when it comes to fashion.”

HEADQUARTERS: Ludwigstrabe 27, 63067 Oftenbach

PRICE RANGE: From 100 to 2000 euros

WHERE TO BUY: c.hammann@f-hammann.de
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