Federica Aimi’s Eclectic Elegance

PARMA–Architect Federica Aimi spent her formative years in Venice, where she developed her refined style and affinity for glass accents, rich textiles and Oriental art.

Her wardrobe is as varied  as her art collection – a menagerie of mementos found in antique boutiques, Milan vintage auctions and even the occasional piece from various flea markets.

In her studio apartment, situated in the northern Italian city of Parma, Federica shows us her collection of heirloom necklaces and bracelets tucked away in elaborate Chinese and Liberty-era French jewelery boxes and other pieces – works of art like the “Variable Geometry Necklace” designed by Italian architect and designer AG Fronzoni or the paper jewelery by Argentinian designer Ana Hagopian.

Her elegance is the antithesis of mainstream and her wardrobe is a treasure chest that conjures memories of travels and family, as well as fashionable works of art.

Name: Federica Aimi

Age: 39

Occupation: Architect

LOCATION: Parma, Stradone Martiri della Liberta’

THE LOOK: Federica is wearing an ACNE black dress with a geometric necklace by AG Fronzoni. In the second look, she is wearing a gold top from Jijil and an EGGS skirt (Italy-based brand) and a necklace with glass pearls and silk flowers.

PERSONAL STYLE: “Eclectic and humoral. I love accessories, the precious artisanal details, the unusual matching of materials, dusty objects and the stories behind them.”

MY EVERYDAY: A pair of knee-high boots and a comfortable dress with kimono sleeves or an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers.

NEVER: Bright red outfits

ALWAYS: Maxi bag

–Valentina Accardo


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