Marta Ferri: The Contemporary Atelier


MILAN–Marta Ferri, the 31-year-old designer famous for her whimsical, feminine skirts, is one of the most prominent young designer-artisans in Italy.

A perfect combination of the artisan’s manual genius and runway panache, her atelier is situated in one of Milan’s most historic neighborhood’s,  just a few steps away from the opulent palazzos of the city’s Piazza Borromeo.  The daughter of an interior designer, Ferri makes bespoke and made-to-measure fashions that look to tapestries and vintage fabrics for their starting point.  Since starting in 2010, she has learned to not only run a fashion company on her own, but she also prides herself on knowing how to make her clients happy.

BACO’s Women’s Fashion Editor Valentina Accardo takes us on a tour of Marta Ferri’s atelier: 

BACO: How did you get your start?

Marta Ferri: “I didn’t have a specific idea of what I wanted to do, but I always had a strong will to work. I went to the US, where my father lives, and I tried different jobs. When I decided that I was done, I came back to Milan, and I started to work for Prada as visual merchandiser. At one point I thought that I would like to start something by myself, so I decided to leave the job and the country to move to Argentina. But two months later, when everything was ready for the move, I was opening my atelier.”

“ I was having my dresses made for weddings and events for a while. Some people stopped me to know where I had my dressed done. So I decided — with this premier seamstress  —  to open an atelier and before I even realized it, I was received my first custumer.”

BACO: How do you choose the style?

MF: “The style of the dresses is very classic, simple and feminine. The models are flattering and I usually talk to the costumer to understand what works better for her. The main characteristic is the fabric”

“I like to use unusual fabrics for gowns… like linen and cotton. I have my shops,  where I know they have something particular, something left from the past or vintage fabrics. Then I buy fabrics when I travel, if I find something that I like.”

BACO: What are your iconic pieces?

MF: “For sure the wheel skirt. It’s the most requested piece and it’s the one that gives the best shape to the fabric”.

BACO: What are your costumers like?

MF: “Different. I can dress the whole family though. The costumer who come here, looks for clothes that make them look good and at the same time different with personality, but not loud.. They trust me to go bold with the fabrics”.

BACO: How is your relationship with ecommerce?

MF: “I like shopping online. I think is the future. But I cannot bring what I do online. It’s all about the experience. The direct relationship with the client it’s fundamental in my job. I tried five pret-a-porter collections, but I understood that I need to have the product closer to me. I can only work this way.”

BACO: Do you have a collaboration with Manebi’?

MF: “Yes, I made a collection for ‘Isola’ that includes the Manebi’ espadrilles. That’s a different thing. It’s a capsule collection with more affordable pieces, and I’m happy with that. Next collaboration will be with Superga in September”.

BACO: Are you looking abroad to grow your company?

MF: “Yes, probably. I will likely do some trunk shows in New York, as I already did in Buenos Aires. 

BACO: Your personal style?

MF: “Essential with a twist.”

BACO: Your never?

MF: “Black and almost never tights/socks”

BACO: Your always?

MF: “Pants for the day, skirt for the evening. Tomboy during the day, feminine at night.”

HEADQUARTERS: Via dell’Orsa 4 Milan PRICE RANGE: 700-10.000 euro WHERE TO BUY:

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