Puglia’s Tagliatore: Amping Up Women’s Wear

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Florence, Italy–Slim-fit jackets made just the right amount of stretch and fine Italian fabrics, make Tagliatore’s women’s wear just as appealing as its men’s line, which is popular here on a national level.

A company born from a family tradition in the southern Italian region of Puglia, prides itself on its collection that is 100 percent Made in Italy with a distinct character weekend casual character.

The soft and hugging forms, the fitting silhouettes and the revers are all fundamental elements of  a Tagliatore garment. While the brand’s men’s line has become a go-to ready-to-wear brand for an under-35 male demographic, its women’s wear line is growing as well and now represents about 30 percent of its entire production.

“We created jackets and coats for women who look for a masculine but very fitted style. It is not easy to find a men’s-style sartorial jacket shaped for women. It’s like a second skin,” said Pino Lerario, the creative mind behind Tagliatore.

WHERE TO BUY: http://www.tagliatore.com/store.html

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