ISSUE NO. 2: Rock Your Bag

Simone Rainer's Nigredo bag
Photo Courtesy of Simone Rainer
Simone Rainer's Nigredo bag Photo Courtesy of Simone Rainer

Last week I was in New York City for a birthday bash. I have had a lot of name brand bags, but never have I received more compliments than for the Supernova bag I bought at the Simone Rainer sample sale in Milan.

Senior Sephora artist Jeffrey English in the Meatpacking district was so amazed, he matched my makeup to the green, blue and black speckled motif of my clutch.

From the front desk attendants at the Gansevoort Hotel, to my friends at the party in the West Village, everyone wanted to know where they could find a Simone Rainer.There were also some fierce ogling eyes on my bag from the crowd at the Broadway show ‘Motown.’

The geometric shapes of a Rainer is unmistakable – most of his bags are in the shape of a triangle or a hexagon. One would only be able to confirm it was his if you took a close look at the ‘Vitruvian man’-inspired logo that dangles from the smartly engineered clasp.

I was surprised to learn that even though he has been written up in Vogue Italia, Simone, a native of the Tyrolean Alps, mainly sells his clutches at a temporary store in Brescia. This is precisely why we started BACO: we want to share these brands, relatively unknown on a global level, with our readers.

This week’s theme is “Rock Your Bag” because to be a true fashionista you don’t need a label to define your fashion sense. Let the uniqueness of the bag itself be the focus of your style and let the oglers compliment you on your eye for deciphering a smart purchase when you see one.

Thank you so much for reading and Happy New Year!





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