Issue No. 13: The Sicilian Renaissance

Mimmo Cuticchio (Photo by Salvo Sportato)

An island marred by wounds from as many invasions as it has lemon trees, Sicily itself is a vessel of influences – from the Ancient Greek to the Spanish Baroque.

It is no surprise that this cradle of culture — that has seen the Vandals, Byzantines, Ostrogoths, Arabs and the Normans march its shores — has made its imprint in the fashion world as well.

References to Sicilian mythology, cuisine, ceramics and its volcanic and natural landscapes, have made their appearance known on the runway and at presentations in Milan. Ornate, artisanal items like widow-black lace, Catholic religious symbols and 17th century – style embroidery are just a few traditional details that have made their way into contemporary fashion over the past few years.

This week, we interviewed a few designers and taste makers who are putting Sicilian art, culture and fashion on the map.

This issue would not have been possibile without the efforts of our photographer Salvo Sportato – a proud Sicilian, who has made his homeland his muse over the course of his career. This week Salvo takes us into the sandy-colored back alleys of Palermo in search of one of the city’s most coveted artistic traditions. Enjoy!



ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Puppeteer Mimmo Cuticchio , Corradra Rodriguez D’Acri’s Sicilia, Maurizio Pecoraro, Two Sicilian Brands Championing Local Craft  , Vuedu, The Sicilian Essential, One to Watch: Claudio Cutugno 


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