Pugnetti by Salvo Sportato

Parma, Italy–With a little bit of male prowess and feminine elegance, Filippo Pugnetti’s “Lift bag,” represents a step towards his ultimate goal: a collection of hand-made accessories that possess the sort of perfection achieved by more upscale, commercial players. After several experiences with Francesco Scognamiglio and Bucellati, he worked at Chloe in Paris and at The Bridge in Tuscany.  He later left Italy for Dubai, where his bags caught the eye of the royal family. When he came back in Italy, he decided to begin his own brand Pugnetti Parma to capitalize on his talent.

“I always liked to start from the rough material, and then feel which kind of bag I can make with it. So before drawing, I started cutting the paper, like in the 50s, when you didn’t have to design on the computer first,” he told BACO.

Pugnetti likes to think that a designer must be able to realize a bag with his hands, before he draws it. “My inspiration come from touching the leather and the rough materials, watching people and their habits,” he said, noting that he envisaged the Lift bag after observing a lift technician repairing a broken elevator.

“My inspiration is the real world.”

The bag is a game between the man’s strength and the woman’s elegance.

“I think of a woman that is not a fashion victim, but she is aware of what she wants and what she needs. I don’t win when she buys it. I win when she chooses my bag every day. I like the idea, that as a designer I help this woman every day, realizing luxury goods that make her life easier and more beautiful, but they don’t make her a stereotype”.

Pugnetti wants to create a product that is unique and could join tradition and high market standard. “In the future, the tradition and the ability to elaborate details and high quality manufacturing will be the luxury.”

The designer uses only high quality materials for his made in Italy production. In the Italian tannery in Tuscany and Veneto they use French veal leather, python, bull-drummed leather and vegetable tanned hides.

“The vegetable tanning has a very low environmental impact practice. I care about where they take the leather, and my effort is on less impact production process. Anyway, I don’t think that plastic or artificial materials will save the world. I believe that we have to consume less to save the world. That’s why I make very durable bags, that not are only for a season”.

Pugnetti is working on special editions of his icon-worthy Lift bag that will incorporate peculiar materials like ecofur and hairy calf leather. Clients will be able to customize the color and even have their initials engraved into the bag.



WHERE TO BUY: L’Emporio di Parma tel.+390521503091, info@pugnettiparma.com

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