ISSUE NO. 27: The Accessories Issue


Since starting BACO in November of 2014, we have featured nearly 200 brands on our website.  Accessories brands are a driving force behind what we know as the “craft movement” — this push towards more artisanal, less commercial, factory-free fashion. It comes as no surprise that earlier this month, Amazon launched its “Handmade at Amazon” project, in order to share artisan traditions, satiate luxury consumers; appetite for hand made goods and ultimately save small and micro businesses around the globe.

Amazon’s launch is a further confirmation that people are gravitating more towards stories, rather than labels and high-ticket goods.

It also means that there will be more competition to discover new brands and new realities, which until now we haven’t experienced a shortage of. In fact, this week, after interviewing Sveva Camurati of the Sveva Collection and Gabriel D. of Gabriel Forever Glam, we were reminded of the wild ride that we embarked on – and all of the unforgettable people and worlds that we have discovered or have had the opportunity to be introduced to. We will also take you on a priveledged journey behind the workshop doors of one of the world’s most coveted, understated, niche luxury labels: Serapian. In the 1960’s Serapian was all the rage among European princesses and glitterati like Audrey Hepburn. Today, Serapian is a keepsake brand for consumers who have an aversion to flashy labels and who can identify real luxury craftsmanship.

Our lineup this week – represents the paradox within the luxury sector. A constant contrast between the old and the new, the traditional and the avant garde. This paradox is also representative of the fact that – despite fears that artisan practices will soon die,  there is a lot of new blood eager to learn and perpetuate the traditional craft that is crucial to the fashion industry’s survival.

Baci, Sofia

IN THIS ISSUE: The Magical World of Sveva, Gabrial Forever Glam: Rocker’s ArmorPugnetti Parma’s Lift BAG, Lucas de Stael: Made in Paris Eyewear, Serapian: Behind the Doors of a Hollywood Fave , Accessories: Editor’s Picks

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